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The Hall of Faces

Our agency partner came to us with an idea to promote the upcoming season for HBO’s Game of Thrones that could work both onsite and online. They wanted a unique takeaway that mimicked the promotional video replacing Jon Snow with the individual user. Not only did this have to be available for those attending in person at SXSW, but also for millions of users around the world a month prior. Pillars were erected at SXSW using hundreds of monitors to simulate the scenes from the upcoming season.

HBO Game of Thrones Hall of Faces

We created a system that could handle the load of millions of users capturing a photo using their phone, desktop, and also individual tablets at SXSW. The photos were instantly transformed in the cloud to simulate being “dead,” and the user was provided a downloadable and shareable video. Using facial recognition, we ensured that each photo had a person’s face to control the final deliverable. People around the world were able to opt-in to having their photos displayed on the pillars at SXSW, but we also created a queuing cadence so that users onsite could see their face on the large pillars as well.

Usually, the idea is to bring the fun of an event to an outside audience. However, this was designed to flip that idea on its head and bring the outside audience into the event. This one-of-a-kind experience was very well received by both the press at SXSW and users alike.



Here’s the deal: GoT fans who take the time to visit SXSWesteros will first have their picture taken, after which an app will render their Hall of Faces portrait and then display that image alongside dozes of others on several towers. Fast Company

We may not be able to meet up with Arya in Braavos at the House of Black and White, but we can become one of the skinned countenances in storage there through HBO’s Hall of Faces website. CNET

We know that Arya is ready to become no one, but are you? No, seriously, are you? Because thanks to an amazing new website from HBO, you, too, can now add your own visage to the unsettling Hall of Faces. Nerdist

All men must die, including Game of Thrones fans. iDigitalTimes

Spooky, but valar morghulis, right? The Next Web


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