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Slot Car Trivia

A Blend of Fun, Learning, and Competition

At IMEX Las Vegas, attendees stepping into the MGM Resorts booth encountered an innovative blend of trivia and slot car racing. The concept was simple yet engaging: answer trivia questions correctly to propel your slot car. Speed and accuracy determined the pace, with a competitive twist added by a prominently displayed leaderboard.

Custom MGM Resorts Branded Slot Cars

The primary goal was threefold: Attract attendees into the booth, educate participants about the brand, and create a fun experience.

Typical of a trade show, drawing attention is challenging. Engaging attendees in a manner that educates and entertains simultaneously amplifies that challenge.

The experience catered to four participants at a time. Each was equipped with a custom MGM Resorts F1 slot car. iPad touchscreens presented the trivia, with correct answers giving players a racing boost. This integration of digital trivia with tangible slot car racing ensured attendees had an immersive experience from start to finish.

iPad Trivia to Control the Slot Cars

In a span of 3 short show days, the booth saw almost 300 participants, with over 5,000 trivia questions answered. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many inquiring about adapting the experience for their own events.

While the event was undeniably successful, two key lessons emerged: Logistical efficiency and car customization. Future setups would benefit from shipping in larger consolidated components, reducing on-site setup time. Also, the custom painting of slot cars, while a hit, required significant time. Future endeavors would allocate more time for such detailed customizations.

Race Track Setup

The Slot Car Trivia at IMEX Las Vegas wasn't merely an activity—it was a testament to the power of interactive experiences in brand engagement. We're super excited to make this come to life again.


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