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Women's World Cup Experience

Nike approached us to activate on an idea to celebrate the Women’s World Cup by elevating the user experience using technology in their exclusive pop-up studio space in Vancouver called the Nike Underground. This all had to be done from agreement on the final idea and execution in less than 6 weeks!

We developed a truly holistic experience. Immediately after registering, the user was able to download their digital badge to their phone’s wallet. They were then led down a neon lighted tunnel into a large, imposing studio space. While exploring, the user received phone notifications as they approached each new fun activity. It all culminated into a soccer challenge where the user had to shoot a soccer ball at moving targets on a large, three-sided LED animated screen as many times in 30 seconds. The experience was enhanced with reactive turf that animated as the player and ball moved around. After counting the target hits, the player walked out to a leaderboard and a Nike branded poster of themselves playing the game, which became immediately shareable to social media as well.

The unique experience garnered a lot of great attention and fanfare. It was a sought after experience with a constant line around the city block.




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